Building the Relationship Through A Life of Prayer

I thought today I would talk a little about prayer. Not just how to pray but some of the benefits and blessings of prayer. We, as God’s people, need to know our privilege coming to the throne room and so much more. Let me start off by saying, if you’re a Christian, prayer should be the one thing that you put on the top of your priority list. Prayer is the foundation of a Christian life. As important as going to church is, nothing is more important than prayer. A one on one relationship with God.

How do you build this relationship? Building a relationship with God is the same as building a relationship with someone that you want to get to know. You spend time with that person and over time, you begin to get very close and know things about that person very few know. It is the same with God, begin to get alone with Him one on one and seek Him. The Bible tells us to wait upon the Lord until He Is found. Waiting means wait, just wait in quietness. So many think that Jesus is waiting for us to go and tell Him all our problems and beg for prayers to come to pass.

The fact is the Lord already knows everything we need and all that we are going through. First, we come to Him in prayer with thanksgiving and just wait in quietness: ‘be still and know He is God”. Yes, it is important to ask for needs to be met during prayer, but that is not all prayer is. Prayer is a relationship builder between you and Jesus Christ. There is power waiting before the Lord in quietness.

A Few Facts About Prayer

It is a sin to NOT Pray for those around you (1 Sam 12:23). The Holy Spirit will bring people into your life and expect us as His servant’s and children to pray for them. The Apostle Paul always prayed for those around Him (Rom 1:9). This man of God knew the power of prayer and knew the responsibility of knowing that power. You, as Christians, have this responsibility because you know the power of prayer. The world doesn’t know it, they think it is a waste of time. But you have seen the miracles that take place when you pray. So as you grow as a Christian and begin to experience the power of prayer, God will demand that we stand in the gap for others who may be weak in the faith or don’t know the Lord.

Prayer can stop total destruction to a nation and heal that nation (2 Chr 7:14, 15). If only Politicians would understand this in America, we would be a changed nation and not so divided.

The Bible teaches us to pray for our leaders (Ezra 6:10). Whatever country you live in you must stand in prayer for your leaders. When we pray for the nation’s leaders, God is pleased (1 Tim 2: 1- 4).

Prayer brings peace in the midst of spiritual warfare (Ps 55:17, 18). The plans of satan are destroyed when you pray.

Jesus intercedes for the Church and not the world (John 17:9)

praying for Jerusalem Jason powers

Praying for Jerusalem

We are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem continually. (Ps 122: 6,7). As Christians who love Jesus, why wouldn’t you pray for the people of Israel.  I have heard so-called Christians talk bad about the Jewish people and the nation of Israel as if they are the problem in the world. Doesn’t that type of talk sound familiar? That type of talk comes from satan himself. So those who call God’s people Israel evil are not Christians, they may call themselves Christians but they are the children of the devil. For anyone that knows Jesus will love the Jewish people. They are His natural people, the apple of God’s eye, without the Jewish people, you don’t have Christianity.

If you’re listening to a radio program, reading a book, or listening to a so-called preacher talk evil about the Nation of Israel or the Jewish people, get away from that garbage as fast as you can. Those people are cursed and that same curse can come upon you if you allow that message of hell to come into your life.

I heard a radio program in Vero Beach, Florida one time from supposedly a Christian broadcast, they talked about how Israel is so evil and how the Jewish people are the reason the world is so messed up. Then they went on about how wonderful Russia was and how wonderful the leaders of Russia are. I thought dear God these people are blinded. Don’t ever allow such devilish garbage into your life.

The Bible is very clear about the Jewish people being so loved of God. (Ps 122:6) declares those who love Israel will be blessed in every area of your life. You study those who stand against Israel and see how cursed they are. Their life is nothing but trouble, bondage and destruction. No joy of the Lord, no peace. The Bible says, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”. Chose if you will be a blessing or a curse.

B e for real if you call your self a christian

Stop Being A Hypocrite

The Lord delights in the prayer of the upright, but hates the prayer of those who don’t obey His Word (Prov 15:8, 9) and (Prov 28:9). Don’t you hate when some think that they can play games with the gospel and expect the Lord to answer their prayer. Jesus demands righteousness of the heart, but some think that God doesn’t see in secret when no one else is around. The world prays and then goes back to their filth of a sinful life, thinking that God is going to bless them. How foolish – either be a Christian or don’t, but don’t play games with the gospel.

One of the most amazing things I learned from knowing Jesus Christ is that He never looks for perfect people, He never looks for people that have it all together. He looks for those who are a mess and cannot do anything without Him. This is total surrender, a total giving of oneself over to God.

Then He makes that person love righteousness and desires, to live holy all the days of their lives. Even though you will make mistakes and fail the Lord, it is the heart He is looking at. If you are sincere within the heart, nothing can stop God from blessing you. But if you’re a hypocrite and think God is going to answer prayers you are wasting your time. He is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24).

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