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Jason powers days of glory

The Great Experience

Jason Powers was born again in 1997 watching A popular Christian Television station (T.B.N). Two weeks later watching the same Pastor on TBN Jason was baptized and called into the Ministry when Pastor Rod Parsley pointed into the television camera and said, “America Needs More Preachers!”. The power of God touched Jason as he was sitting in front of the television glued to everything happening during the service. Jason fell to the floor crying and vibrating under the power of God.

After finally surrendering to the calling Jason planned to go to a Bible College in Columbus Ohio. But the night before Jason was to make the move to this Anointed Bible college, God Almighty spoke to Jason in a dream and show him what the Holy Spirit wanted him to do and NOT go to Bible college. The Lord spoke to Jason in this dream and said, “you will serve before you lead”.

Obedience Under Persecution

The first church Jason ever attended and spoke at was New Hope Ministries with Pastor Jack and Nancy Hart in Vero Beach Florida. Jason not knowing much of the Bible at that time just gave his testimony. A couple years later the Holy Spirit gave Jason direction to go to Orlando, Florida to attend Orlando Christian Center (Pastor Benny Hinn). It was here the Lord Jesus begin to bring Jason to a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Even though many thought Jason was just going there to see Benny Hinn Jason ignored the criticism and obeyed what the Holy Spirit was telling him to do. The obedience was rewarded when the Lord opened the door for Jason Powers to travel the country and work as a volunteer in the Benny Hinn Crusades. The unbelievable favor that Jason experienced changed his life forever. From the free upgrades to first class, upgraded car rentals and hotels without paying for them was a miracle for being obedient to the journey.

Never Despise the Little

Today Jason has written four books. The first book written about salvation and how to know Jesus Christ. It was a thanks offering to the Lord and was handed out to the homeless and the people in airports across the USA and Bahamas. The other three books have been published worldwide and have been used in small Bible studies and gatherings. Churches overseas in third world countries have requested Jason’s book and was gladly sent free of charge as a gift to the Lord and the people of God.

The Days of Glory Podcast was started to reach out to the hurting and lost. Some have been touched by the power of God from the podcast as Jason was touched watching Christian Television when his journey first started. It is Jason’s prayer that many will be healed and delivered from demonic oppression and baptized by the Holy Spirit as they listen each week.

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