Today, I want to talk about God’s Spirit who has changed my life in amazing ways and go through and teach on Holy Spirit verses in the Bible. The Holy Spirit is so important for the Body of Christ today because without Him you cannot live the Christian life. I am going to show you scriptures that you may have never heard taught before on the Spirit of God.

It is the Holy Spirit that changes lives here on the earth if we allow Him. This is not to take the place of Jesus in no way, because as you will soon in this article it is the Holy Spirit that glorifies Jesus and makes Him real to us here in this world. All glory belongs to Jesus and no-one else, including the Holy Spirit.

There are Three Yet They Are One

The Bible is very clear that there is a trinity, this trinity includes the Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit, God’s Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of the Lord) who has a few different name in the Bible but in this article I will just call Him God’s Spirit or the Holy Spirit.

For there are three that bear record in heaven,
the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and
these three are one. 1 John 5: 7

So, here in 1 John we see that the trinity does exist and still operates today in lives all around the world. You got the Father, the Word (which represents Jesus Christ because in John chapter one verse one it tells us that the “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God). Noticed there in your Bible the word Word is capitalized. That’s because Word is representing Jesus Christ.

Let’s Look At The Best Holy Spirit Verses In The Bible

When I am asked about the Holy Spirit, I always direct someone to start with the Gospel of John chapters 14, 15 16. This is a great place to start and learn what Jesus said about the Holy Spirit. Because you have a lot of foolish Churches today teaching that God’s Spirit is not that important and we shouldn’t fellowship with Him, but I am going to show you how to live a victorious Christian life by fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit in this article and then you make the decision how you want to live.

I will start with John chapter 14 Verse 16 and on, Jesus begins to tell us that He will pray to His Father that He may send the Holy Spirit who is also known as the Comforter here in John. The word Comforter in the Greek means for one to be by your side, to be a helper.

That’s amazing in itself, if Jesus said nothing else except, “Hey I am send you someone else not to take my place but just to help you in your Christian walk and life”. That would have been enough but there is so much more to this Third Person of the Trinity, called Holy Spirit. Today I want to share this amazing person with you that is here to help you live victorious in your Christ walk.

Even The Best Verses On The Holy Spirit Will Not Convince Some People

Jesus said the world will never know Him or receive because they cannot see Him, but any believer that has surrendered to the Lord can know Him because He now dwells in you. This is how Jesus said it;

Even the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive,
because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye
know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in
in you. John 14: 17

God’s Spirit is a mystery to so many in the world, they try to figure Him out but they fail every time. Even a lot of Churches ignore Him and therefore the services are powerless. But these Holy Spirit verses that I am sharing with you are so much deeper then just for some Church, I want you see that “He” God’s Spirit wants to be close to you, to guide you, teach you, warn you and so much more.

Here are 5 blessings that the Holy Spirit will do for you;
1. Teach you all things (John 14: 26)
2. Remind you of things in scripture (John 14: 26)
3. He shall testify about Jesus to you (John 15; 26)
4. He will guide you into all truth (John 16: 13)
5. He will show you things to come (John 16: 13)

There is so much more I could show you in God’s word about the Spirit of God but I would have to write a whole book with this article. But I think you have enough to go and study for your self and see that this isn’t my opinion but it is what the Bible teaches.

I Will Explain These Holy Spirit Verses In Great Detail For You

First, He will teach you all things is not just for preachers, this glorious benefit of God’s Spirit belongs to you no matter where God has called you to be and do. When you surrender your life and will to the Lord He will begin to use you and show you where you belong in your purpose. It may be in business, a ministry, working for some corporation, or smaller company, only the Holy Spirit can show you this as you are building a fellowship and relationship with the Lord.

When you find that place that God has for you the Holy Spirit will begin giving you supernatural wisdom and understanding in that area wherever you are. Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you understand things that you need to fulfill wherever God has you and He will teach you in amazing ways.

Second, He will also remind you of things that you read or that the Lord showed you in your time of fellowship and study of the word. All these things that the Holy Spirit does for us are supernatural and no-one else can experience or understand them until they also are surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s why you and I are so privileged to know the Holy Spirit as a person and not just some power to operate in gifts and run around the church. He is so much more than that.

Third, The Spirit of the Lord loves to testify of Jesus. This is where the Holy Spirit makes Jesus so real to the believer. The world or religious people don’t understand this and rightly so, because it is only the fellowship of the Holy Spirit where one can become so in tuned to what Jesus is like and to know His verbal voice. Jesus said, “my sheep will know my voice”. We as God’s Children should hear and recognize the voice of the Lord when He speaks. Now it doesn’t happen often, but I have heard His voice to me so clear it shook me the few times I heard it.

Forth, He will guide you into all truth, I could go on and on about this. There is so much about the Spirit’s guidance that I could write a whole book on it alone. The Holy Spirit wants to guide you throughout life saving you from a lot of trouble and anguish. This lines up with Proverbs 3: 6

In all thy ways acknowledge the him,
and He shall direct thy paths (Proverbs 3:6)

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit before you do anything, and you will be amazed how He will guide you down the right trail and help you avoid the path of trouble and destruction.

Fifth, God’s Spirit wants to reveal to you God’s plans for you. It may be in a dream, vision or maybe a prophecy but the Spirit of God wants you know the plans He has for you. He does this to build faith and hope within you, because the journey to get there may be tough and long. But you will get there if you stay surrendered and keep fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of God also wants to show you satans plans for your life as you go through the journey to your calling. The reason why satans plans are revealed to you is so that you can stand against him and command that his plans are destroyed for your life and family in Jesus’ name.

The Holy Spirit will never show you something to cause fear, He shows you trouble at times so that you will begin to pray and break the stronghold that is coming against you. Remember Jesus gave you all power and authority over satan and his demons, now use it in Jesus Name!




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