Downloadable E-book A Servant’s Heart – Finding Your Spiritual Father


In his downloadable ebook A Servant’s Heart:  Finding Your Spiritual
Father, author and bible teacher, Jason Powers reveals
the keys to receiving the anointing and living a life of surrender.

*Jason will share his powerful personal testimony of being visited by the Holy Spirit

*Knowing and Understanding the Perfect Will of God for your Life

*Biblical examples of Elisha and David’s road to Servant Hood

*The Importance of Surrender

*The 7 Keys to the Anointing


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Bible teacher and author, Jason Powers, was called into
ministry more than 20 year ago.  His Podcast, Days of
Glory is a weekly podcast of Biblical teaching to
strengthen your daily walk with the Holy Spirit. In A
Servant’s Heart:  Finding Your Spiritual Father, Jason
relays his testimony of a drama)c visit by the Holy Spirit.

He describes the anointing that is available for all
Christians today, and how the simple act of surrender
should guide the lives of all Believers.  Be prepared to be
transformed as Jason reveals the keys to being led by the
Spirit and developing a servant’s heart while building a
personal relationship with God the Father.


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