So many today in the Church are asking “what does blasphemy of the holy spirit mean” and “have I committed this unforgivable sin”. The fact is it is very difficult to commit this sin and is only done willingly and on purpose. So, if there is any comfort for you today it is almost impossible for anyone to commit this sin.

However, with that said, sadly it is being done by religious people who do not know the Holy Spirits ways. In this article it is my goal to bring peace to your heart and assurance that you have not committed the unforgivable sin.


Have I Blasphemed The Holy Spirit?


When I am asked, “what does blasphemy of the holy spirit mean”, I know they are asking because they feel that they have committed this sin. But the Bible is very clear on this issue. So I am going to take you through scripture and reveal to you what truly the blaspheme of the Holy Ghost is.

First understand something about the Holy Spirit, He is the Spirit of the Lord. Jesus calls Him the comforter in the Gospel of John Chapter 14. Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost in a way where you almost feel like the Lord is protecting Him. Like He is so sensitive and almost sounds like He is protecting Him. The Holy Spirit is called the Gift from the Father John 14:16. Jesus said “I will pray the Father and He shall give another Comforter”

To me this is powerful, because Jesus talks about this person as being someone so special. Yet today many that call themselves Christians want nothing to do with Him. Some churches will NOT even allow the Holy Ghost into the service. What a disgrace to know this is happening across America and the world. The whole point I am making here is that once you know the Holy Spirit and what the Bible teaches about Him you will understand why He is so protected.


Depending On The Holy Spirit


Once you know how precious the Holy Spirit is to the Father and to Jesus. You will also begin to look too Him for guidance and help to live the Christian life. The Spirit of the Lord is not just gifts like some try to make Him out to be.

Even though it is the Holy Ghost that gives out gifts. The Bible teaches He is so much more. These gifts are powerful and supernatural gifts, that do not belong to the world or those who call themselves Christians but ignore the Holy Spirit and many times reject Him. With this said, back to the main question “what does blasphemy of the holy spirit mean”? Well, this is very clear in the Gospels. So let’s take a closer look straight from Jesus Himself.


What Does Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit Mean

Is It An Unforgivable Sin To Blasphemy God?


One day Jesus called unto Himself His twelve disciples and gave them power to cast out devils and to heal the sick (which still happens today by the power of the Holy Ghost) and a large multitude of people seen Jesus and rushed Him. The scribes and religious people of the day came also and seen the miracles that was being done and yelled “He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils” Mark 3:22.

Once they said this, they were giving satan glory for the works of the Holy Spirit Mark 3:29, 30. Sadly, this is still happening today by some. They are very religious and foolish in the word of God. Many of them come out of seminaries or some spiritually dead Bible college that rejects the power of the Holy Ghost. Just because some cannot believe in the power of God today doesn’t mean that the gifts of the Spirit are dead. So now you know the answer to the question; what does blasphemy of the holy spirit mean. Bbut Jesus didn’t stop there.

Jesus said any blasphemies would be forgiven but not against the Holy Spirit. So yes blasphemies against God are forgiven. But I don’t recommend you get into the habit of doing it like Hollywood does in just about every movie now days. It’s like the only language they know. The fact is anyone that is grounded in the word of God and loves the presence of Jesus Christ will never willing blaspheme against the Lord’s Spirit.


How To Not Commit the Unforgiveable Sin

How To Not Commit the Unforgiveable Sin


To stay focus on the main question that we are talking about here “what does blasphemy of the holy spirit mean” we need to understand why some commit this unforgivable sin. The Apostle Paul said it the best in 2 Timothy 3:1-5,. Many would become lovers of self, boasters, proud and blasphemers having a form of Godliness but denying the power of God.

The best way to protect yourself is stay away from those who are always attacking men and women of God. Even if you do not believe everything these men and women of God teach and do. It is better to allow the Holy Spirit to deal with them if there is error.  Just because some may not believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This does NOT give anyone a pass to attack or say the miracles are from a demon or mind control or whatever else they may come up with.


Be carful Who You’re Attacking


These types of attacks will cause judgment on you for touching the anointing on those the Holy Spirit is using. It is better to ignore it then fight the what work the Holy Ghost may be doing. Even if that man or women of God has fallen from grace like King Saul it is better to let the Lord deal with it. Many are living in judgment today because they like to attack others when they fail and make mistakes. You see it in their lives, God almighty will have nothing to do with them if they are attacking others for their failures and faults.

We are not called to tare each other down and divide the Body of Christ. That would be the devil’s plan not he Holy Spirit. So, protect yourself by not following the religious crowd and attacking others by name and publicly. These individuals are judged already, don’t share in that judgment by following them and listening to them on social media.


Why Do People Blasphemy God?

Why Do People Blasphemy God?

By now I hope I answered the question that so many ask, “what does blasphemy of the holy spirit mean”. But the question of why do people blasphemy God so much today. The Bible tells us because of the anger towards God will cause them to blasphemy.

In Revelation Chapter 16 we learn when God sends wrath to the earth through the vials that men will curse and blasphemy God because they know they are being judged on the earth by God Himself Revelation 16:11. Sadly many today have blamed God for what satan has done and they begin to hate God and want nothing to do with Him, but the fact is there is no-one like Jesus Christ if only they would surrender to Him and know His word.

Don’t Live In Fear That You Blasphemed The Holy Ghost

I hope this article has helped you understand about the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. I also hope you will stop living in fear that you have committed this unforgiven sin. Only someone who is religious and foolish would knowingly and willfully give satan glory for the beautiful works and power of the Holy Ghost. Jesus has not changed, he is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still performs miracles, He still heals, and delivers today, all He is looking for is someone who will believe His word and surrender completely. Don’t be like the foolish who learn from men and women at seminaries and bible schools that teach miracles are no longer for today.

The Holy Spirit wants to use you today to change someone’s life. Next time someone ask you the question “what does blasphemy of the holy spirit mean” you will be able to give them the answer. Not only give them the answer but with joy and assurance that you have not committed the unforgivable sin.



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