Today we are going to pick up where we left off from Pt 1 of this teaching The Double Anointing for God’s People. We finished going through Bethel in the last article and today we are going into Jericho. Two things about Jericho I want you to understand. One, Jericho is a place of major testing, two, Jericho is a place of extreme warfare. This is known as the valley of the Christian life. Where nothing seems to go right in your life and every demon of hell is coming out against you. Deut 34:3, Jos4:13, Lk 10:30

Jericho is the place where king Zedekiah was taken captive (2 Kings 25: 5,6). When God brings you to your Jericho you will see enemies that you didn’t even know you had come out against you. You will come to the point where you have no other option but fight in the spirit against satan. This is where you become bold as a lion Prov 28:1. This is where you  learn to praise the Lord in your darkest hours for the victory over the enemy. Like Joshua, you become a warrior and praise and fight, praise and fight Jos 6:1-5. Before you know it you are like a warrior for Christ and that’s what the double anointing is for.

The Lonely Battle of Jericho

The Lonely Battle of Jericho

In Jericho, you feel like you are fighting these battles all on your own. But never forget Jesus said I will never leave you nor forsake you. When your friends and family walk out on you and you are faced with the greatest battles of your life. At this point know you will have the victory if you don’t give up.

We go through this final process called Jericho to prepare us for the next level of power, authority in our lives. A place that God wants to take us but before He can we must learn to fight and praise at the same time. You will be humbled and humiliated by satan in Jericho 1 Chr 19: 4,5. The enemy will try to make you look like a fool and a failure. What satan doesn’t realize is that you are not going to quit and give up or walk away from Jesus Christ. You will press on and get through this battle to the place God has for you in Jordon.

The Amazing Place Call Jordon

The Amazon Place Call Jordon

Once Elisha and Elijah got to Jordon, a place of blessings and peace, Elijah asked Elisha “what do you want” 2Kings 2: 8,9. God almighty will ask you the same thing as you step into your Jordon. After all the battling, after all the warfare and people forsaking and falsely accusing you now it’s time to experience the blessings of the Lord. This is where the Lord will begin commanding the blessings on your life.

You went through Gilgal where you no longer could live by sight but now you are demanded to live by faith, you went through Bethel, a place where you wrestled with God as Jacob did and then you came to the place called Jericho where every demon of hell came out against you. Now because you stayed faithful and strong and didn’t give up or give into temptation the Lord brings you into that glorious place called Jordan.

Great Blessings in the Place Called Jordon

Great Blessings in the Place Called Jordon

In this wonderful place called Jordan, the Holy Spirit leads you into a time of great peace and blessings. This is where the presence of Jesus becomes so close and refreshing to you Gen 13:10. Your heart becomes so grateful and thankful for what He has brought you out of when you were in that Jericho place of warfare. Now you will have a testimony to share how God almighty delivered you from your enemies Gen 32: 10, Deut 12:10.

In Jordan financial blessings will come to your life, open doors and supernatural favor will be yours. Jordan is where Jesus started His ministry on earth Matt 3:13. Great miracles will happen in Jordan Josh 3:13, 15, 17.

The place of Jordan is where Joshua found two blessings that every believer will experience when they get to their Jordan.

  1. Your Anointing Josh 13: 8
  2. God’s perfect will for your life will be fulfilled in your life Josh 13:23, Josh 22:4.

I hope this powerful Bible teaching has been a blessing to you. Please go back through Part 1 and Part2 and follow through the scriptures and study the path that Elijah took Elisha down through four locations before Elisha was able to receive the double portion of the Anointing that was on Elijah. The Holy Spirit will take you through the same process before you will experience a greater anointing on your life.


Days of Glory Jason Powers


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