The power of fasting is one of the most unutilized weapons of warfare a Christian has and hardly uses it. If fasting is done right, it will shake heaven and earth. Not that fasting is a religious thing, fasting is a God thing. We as Christians don’t fast because we have to, we fast because it moves God on our behalf.

Religious people and other false gods demand their followers fast and follow some routine to get to heaven or hear from their god. But as Christians, the price has already been paid by Jesus Christ on the cross. We fast because the Bible teaches that fasting is a sacrifice unto the God of Glory and moves Him for favor, health, open doors, and so much more, which we will get into now.

The Power of Fasting in Secret

the power of fasting in secret

First, we must understand that fasting is a secret thing, not something that we parade around like those who fast thinking they are impressing others around them. They feel their fasting will show others that they are holy and doing the right religious thing. Let me show you how Jesus describes the right way to fast.

Moreover, when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance:

for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast.

Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.

But thou, when thou

fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face;

That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which

is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward

thee openly. (Matthew 6: 16 – 18)

So, we see that fasting is to be done in secret, we should NOT turn fasting into some religious thing like those who worship false gods. Our God sees in secret and rewards openly as we begin to walk in the power of fasting.

A Few Fast That Have Open the Windows of Heaven

A Few Fast That Have Open the Windows of Heaven

5 Fasts from the Bible

  1. The one day fast (Judges 20: 18-28)
  2. The seven day fast (2 Samuel 12: 15, 20)
  3. The forty days and forty night fast (Exodus 34: 28) – (Matthew 4:2)
  4. A ten day fast of vegetables and water (Dan 1: 12 – 15)
  5. A three day fast (Ester 4: 16)


Now let’s look into fasting a little deeper, please go through the word of God and do your own study on the power of fasting by using the scriptures I give in this article. You will begin to see things about fasting that you never knew were in the Bible. We must know the importance of fasting even though it is not our favorite thing to talk about or even do. But the power of it is so worth it. Fasting takes the flesh off the throne and puts God on the throne of your life. Jesus fasted as an example for us to follow and we must not ignore it.

In the book of Judges Israel went out to battle against the children of Benjamin three times, the first two times Israel was defeated but on the third day they fasted a day fast and the Lord delivered them. The first two times Israel went out to battel they prayed and were defeated both times even though they prayed. It wasn’t until they fasted and prayed that God gave them the victory. Study this story in the Bible and experience the power of the one day fast. (Judges 20: 18 – 35).

Fasting Done Right Will Bring Power and Victory

Fasting Done Right Will Bring Power and Victory

In Judges, we the power of the one day fast through the lives of Israel in battle. When you are faced with battles that prayer doesn’t defeat begin the one day fast to destroy satan’s attacks against you and see victory in that battle. During this praying and fasting you will get clear directions from the Holy Spirit. This is where the word of the Lord becomes very clear, a divine word from God is giving to you (2 Chr 20: 1-3, 14, 15)

A powerful fast that I love is the three day fast, this fast will bring favor, and victory into your life. This is the fast that Esther asked all of Israel to go into when their enemy placed a law into place to destroy all the Jews. Because of this three day fast not only was the enemy’s plans destroyed Ester had favor before the king. For if you remember that no one could approach the king in those days unless they were called and if you approached without being called it would mean death.

Esther Was Favored Because of the Power of Fasting

Esther Was Favored Because of the Power of Fasting

But Esther called a three day fast among all the Jewish people and God gave Ester Favor before the King and the result was the law was changed and Esther’s stepfather was honored and glorified to second in command beside the king but the enemy whose name was Haman was destroyed and all the Jewish people were given power and authority over all their enemies. Esther chapter 4 and on through to chapter 10. You need to read this, it will bless you.

The Bible is full of examples of the power of fasting, just take the time to go through the word and study this amazing weapon of warfare that we as believers have. When prayer alone is not working begin to fast and watch God Almighty work on your behalf and bring victory to your situation.

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